Coffee from the world

Difference Coffee was founded in the United Kingdom in 2015 by Amir Gehl a Great Gourmand turned a great coffee expert by passion.

What began as a simple curiosity about how Arabica coffee was classified has been transformed into a small roastery renowned by both Specialty coffee enthusiasts and some of the world’s best restaurants and Chefs. Gehl’s sourcing philosophy is based on the 100-point diclassification system created by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Simply put, it looks for Arabica beans with the highest scores in the world and buys them. His collection includes some of the most coveted beans in the world.

Guatemala Finca la Pastoria Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated
This coffee variety, which grows at altitudes up to 1650 meters in Guatemala, releases sweet and very well-balanced aromas with notes of orange, grape, and milk chocolate. Caffeine is removed by the “Swiss Water Process” method, which guarantees 100% chemical-free using only water.
Company: Finca la Pastoria ( estate of pasture )
Region: Santa Rosa Guatemala
Process: washed & patio dried
Varieties: Catuai , Caturra , Bourbon
Roasting level: Medium
Altitude: 1300-1650m
€ 6,00

Hawaii Kona – Hawaiian Queen Coffee 100% Specialty Arabica Exclusive Lot
Every November for the past 200 years, the “Kona Coffee Cultural Festival” has been held, sharing local traditions among tourists and residents. Difference Coffee is proud to have purchased an extremely rare batch from the winning farm Hawaiian Queen Coffee.
This legendary estate has been the most coveted in the competition for the past decade.
The coffee is smooth, rich, has a dark chocolate flavor, delicate acidity, and a strong, timeless taste–in short, a pure classic!
Company: Hawaiian Queen Coffees Origin: Kona, Hawaii
Process: washed
Variety: Kona Typica Altitude: 610m
Quantity: 227kg
€ 12,00

Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford – Sir John’s Peak – 100% Specialty Arabica – Grado 1(19+)
Jamaica Blue Mountain is the best known of the world’s coffees with an excellent reputation.
This variety of coffee grows from 1500 to 1750 meters above sea level, is harvested and selected by hand, and the special climatic conditions result in very floral and creamy coffees.
Company: Wallenford
Parcel: Sir John’s Peak Origini: Blue Mountain Process: washed
Varietà: Blue Mountain Typica Grado di chicchi: 1
Torrification level: Medium
Quantity: 140kg
Category: Exclusive for DC
Altitude: 1500-1750m
€ 14,00

Kopi Luwak Sevatico – Grande Riserva – Gayo Estate
When people talk about Kopi Luwak, they often refer to the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. Its name derives from the Indonesian Civet or ‘Wild Cat’ . This type of local animal can feel the ripest berries on the tree after meticulous inspection. This unique process that takes place in the stomach thanks to a natural enzyme manages to eliminate the bitterness of coffee. This creates a coffee that is full-bodied and creamy but low in acidity with flavours of chocolate, cedar and sweet and sour.
Company: Gayo Estate
Origins: Sumatra-Indonesia
Process: semi-washed
Variety: Typica
Altitude: 1100-1500m
Year: 2021
Parcel: 2020-P0021
Category:Esclusiva per la Difference Coffee
Quantity: 60kg
€ 16,00

Panama Geisha – Hacienda La Esmeralda Ultra-Specialty Arabica, Canas Verdes, Boquete, Panama
In the high mountains of Boquete in Panama, at an altitude of over 1600 metres, one of the world’s rarest coffees called Geisha is cultivated. It is hand-harvested and hand-selected and has won more than 15 international awards since 2004. The New York Times proclaimed it ‘La Domaine De La Romanée Counts of the Cafés’. This coffee is fragrant on the nose, with a great floral aroma and stone fruits and ripe peaches on the palate. A cup with a sweet, juicy and mouth-watering taste.
Company: Hacienda La Esmeralda
Origins: Canas Verdes Farms, Panama
Process: Washed
Variety: Geisha
Parcel: Coronado 6AD
Quantity: 97Kg
Year: 2020
€ 18,00