Francesco Sposito

There isn’t a precise moment when cooking enters you, it just happens and that’s what happened to me.
Maybe it was seeing my father, maybe it was the magic of creating something new, but at the age of sixteen I already knew the path to take. After finishing my classical studies, I chose to explore this world and into my first experiments with the desire to grow and the need to know, going around the kitchens of the greatest Italian and French chefs.

The first important step was the meeting with Igles Corelli in 2002, but I remember it as if was yesterday: he made passion and talent explode in me.
From his teachings I took the strength to take responsibility for cooking and to experiment with my own ideas. It was between 2005 and 2006 that was born what I call “my kitchen”, a modern tool, a laboratory where novelties promote the transformation of the elements of his land.

Try, discover, adapt and learn. These are the goals that I never stop pursuing and that in 2008 gave their first results with the recognition of the Michelin Guide and the first star.

In 2009 I joined the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe family, and the following year came recognition as Italy’s best Emerging Chef by Gambero Rosso Guide.

During my career I have never stopped experimenting and innovating, and it is precisely this that has allowed my cuisine to receive more recognition, such as those in 2012, when I became the Young Chef of the Year for the Guida de l’Espresso and for the BMW Italia Guide, which is considered the most promising talent for the future of Italian cuisine.

Inspiring with my dishes has always been a dream for me, which became reality in 2015 thanks to the artist Vanni Cuoghi during his exhibition “De Gustibus” in Caserta.
It has been a reach year, when also came the Three Hats from L’Espresso’s Restaurants of Italy guide and the second Michelin Star followed, after two years, by the Three Forks from Gambero Rosso’s Restaurants of Italy guide.

And the future? It is yet to be written.