Mario Sposito

After graduating at the European School of Economics in London, I returned to my origins in the place I love and I call home.

From running the family business and being responsible for all the dynamics involved in our establishment, I left to cultivate my big passion: wine.
A dinner can be considered completed when it is accompanied by a bottle of good wine that can exalt each flavor.

After attending the Sommelier course, I started to tour the world and its wineries, meeting great masters along my way. In this way I had the opportunity to explore all aspects of the wine world, improving my technique and being amazed by each new scent and flavor.

But there isn’t tree more luxuriant than the one that sinks its roots into the soil in which it was planted. This thought peeped inside me pushing me to combine education and passion. I dedicated my heart and soul to food and beverage management, representative business management and business development.

Two characteristics I believe in? Hospitality and empathy toward the customer: only if you pursue both you can achieve great results and satisfaction.

Like the one of l’Espresso 2020 Guide I ristoranti e i vini di Italia, which awarded our wine list as the best proposal of the year and winery of the year.