<< a rise of sun across a glass of water is prettier than across a glass of wine>>    N. Tommaseo

Saint Geron

France, Massif Central, Auvergne.
Naturally carbonated mineral water, rich in calcium and magnesium, a thousand-year-old artesian spring.
Natural Effervescent – Fixed residue: 1158 mg/l – 75 cl.
€ 16,00

St. Georges 14
France, Corsica Ajaccio-Sartène (south).
Crystal clear and light water. Low in minerals, it gushes from the rocks of an artesian spring located at an altitude of 1162mt in the Serra-Cimagna Mountains.
Smooth – Fixed Residue: 140 mg/l – 100 cl.
€ 14,00

France, Corsica, Castagniccia (north).
It is the only natural effervescent Corsa, the spring is nestled in an ancient chestnut grove. It has beneficial properties for our body, used since ancient times to treat anemia and liver and kidney abnormalities. Its taste is delicate accompanied by a pleasant fizz. Medium fizzy – Fixed residue: 516 mg/l – 100 cl.
€ 14,00

Finland, Kuohu
Kuohu’s waters flow from the artesian reserves hundreds of meters underground, from aquifers nestled deep in the rock.

The name comes from the village of Kuohu, located in the center of Finland, surrounded by clear lakes and evergreen forests

Still, Smooth Fixed residue: 36 mg/l – 75 cl.
€ 25,00

Italy, Monviso
The water Eva is one of the least sodium water in the world, minimally mineralized, so very light. 
As it flows from the highest spring in Europe, Eva water is bottled in a highly technological and eco-sustainable plant.

Sparkling, Smooth Fixed residue: 45 mg/l – 75 cl.
€ 16,00

L'Acqua Alcalina

Italia. Canazei.
A noble mineral water, born at 1,500 m in the Dolomites, the uniquely designed bottle is reminiscent of the Enrosadira phenomenon: the Dolomites at sunrise reflect a reddish hue. A mildly alkaline water that is essential for the well-being of our bodies.
Smooth, oligomineral. – Fixed residue: 119 mg/l – 75 cl.
€ 25,00

The Classics

Acqua Panna
Italia. Scarperia, Firenze.
A light and gentle water. The spring springs from the slopes of Mt. Gazzaro; we are on an estate in Mugello over 13 years old.
Smooth. – Fixed residue: 140 mg/l – 75 cl.
€ 5,00

Italia. Riardo spring, Caserta.
Naturally carbonated mineral water. From the water table of the Roccamonfina volcano, water rich in potassium, silica and bicarbonate gushes out through a Geyser. Presented today in its most exclusive guise, Smith Lumen bottle design.
Natural Effervescent. – Fixed residue: 1280 mg/l – 75 cl. San Pellegrino 5 Italia.
€ 5,00

San Pellegrino
Terme, Bergamo.
Pleasantly moved, The spring springs from the foothills of the Alps, known since the 13th century, made famous by important personalities of the time. Sparkling water featured on the world’s most celebrated tables
Sparkling. – Fixed residue: 854 mg/l – 75 cl.
€ 5,00

Give an emotion

Surprise those you love with a starry experience, give them a journey of tastes and flavours,
create a memory to be written in the heart, to be told and to make it last over time
A new dimension is just waiting to be explored.